Talks (2016)

All the talks from QCD Chirality 2016 can be found here :


Day 1 


Session 1

Dmitri Kharzeev : Chirality and Vorticity in Quark-Gluon Matter : Current Status and Open Problems

Paul Sorenson : Update from CME task force


Session 2

Berndt Mueller : Analytic estimate of CME in relativistic HIC

Kenji Fukushima : Dynamically assisted chiral magnetic effect

Ho-Ung Yee : In- and out- of equilibrium CME at weak coupling : An anecdote


Session 3

Misha Stephanov : No-drag frame for anamolous chiral fluid

Qun Wang : Chiral fermions in kinetic approach

Andrey Sadofyev : Dissipative properties of chiral media


Session 4

Sho Ozaki : Magnetically induced QCD Kondo effect

Yi Yin : New insights into anamolous transport from perturbative appraoches

Naoki Yamamoto : Chiral instabilities in Quark-Gluon Plasma and Supernovae

Vivian Incera : Novel topological effects in dense QCD in a magnetic field


Day 2


Session 1

Francesco Becattini : Polarization induced by acceleration and vorticity: Spin effects in relativistic hydrodynamics

Xin-Nian Wang : Global spin polarization in non-central heavy ion collisions

Yin Jiang : Strongly interacting matter under rotation


Session 2

Mike Lisa : Global polarization of Lambda Hyperons from STAR

Evan Finch : Correlating Lambda helicity with charge separation 


Session 3

Soeren Schlichting : Non-equialibrium dynamics of topological transitions and axial charges – status and prospects

Ariel Zhitnitsky : Metastable vacuum states in QCD and P odd effects in heavy ion collisions

Kirill Tuchin : Excitation of Chandrasekhar-Kendal states in QGP


Session 4

Sergei Voloshin : Where the spectator flow

Jiangyong Jia : Latest results on flow correlations

Nuggehalli Ajitanand : Application of a multi-particle correlation method to detect charge asymmetry in 200 GeV Au+Au collisions 


Day 3


Session 1

Igor Shovkovy : Anomalous inhomogeneous chiral plasma

Yuji Hirono : Effects of anomaly-induced transport effects in HIC

Tigran Kalaydzhyan : Topological defects and anomalous transport 


Session 2

Jinfeng Liao : The chemistry of anomalous transport effects

Lang Yu : Effects of chiral chemical potential on QCD chiral phase transition

Yoshitaka Hatta : Charge dependence of elliptic flow in HIC


Session 3

Vladimir Skokov : Magnetic field in heavy ion collisions

Peter Filip : Enhanced ortho-Quarkonium production in magnetic fieds

Gang Wang : Physics insights from isobaric running


Session 4

Shuzhe Shi : Normal and anomalous charge transport in HIC

Kiminad Mamo : Holographic thermalization and deconfinement transition in magnetic field

Guoliang Ma : AMPT simulations of isobaric collisions

Hao Liu : The charged rho condensation with IMC


Day 4


Session 1

Sayantan Sharma : Understanding the topological constituents in QCD with chiral fermions on the lattice

Jingyi Chao : Thermal field theory in an external magnetic field

Takafumi Niida : Charge dependent directed flow in Cu+Au Collisions 


Session 2

Liwen Wen : Particle type dependent gamma correlations

Prithwish Tribedy : Charge sensitive cumulants and flow in U+U collisions

Qi-Ye Shou : STAR CMW measurement