Talks (2017)

All the talks from QCD Chirality 2017 can be found here :


Day 1 


Session 1

Jinfeng Liao : Anamolous Chiral Transport in Heavy Ion Collisions: Challenges and Opportunities

Yuji Hirono : Protperties of Chiral Magnetihydrodynamics and its Application to Heavy-Ion Collisions


Session 2

Qun Wang : Derivation of Covariant Chiral Kinetic Equation with Wigner Function

Pavel Kovtun : Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics

Ajit Srivastava : Magnetohydrodynamics Simulations, Vortices and Flow Fluctuations in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions


Session 3

Mei Huang : Quark Matter under Strong Magnetic Field

Shiyong Li : Transport Properties of QGP in the Presence of Magnetic Field

Koichi Hattori : Transport Phenomena in Strong Magnetic Fields


Session 4

Kirill Tuchin : Taming Instability of Magnetic Field in Chiral Medium

Di-Lun Yang : Side-Jumps and Collisions in Chiral Kinetic Theory from Quantum Field Theories

Xiaoliang Xia : Structure of Magnetic and Vorticity Fields in HI Collisions


Day 2


Session 1

Wei Li : CMS Results on Searches of CME/CMW

Gang Wang : STAR Results on Searches of CME/CMW/CVE with Identified Particles


Session 2

Jaap Onderwaater : Chiral Magnetic Effect Studies at ALICE Using Event Shape Engineering

Prithwish Tribedy : Search for the CME in U+U, Au+Au and p+Au Collisions with STAR


Session 3

Jiangyong Jia : Recent Development in Understanding Collectivity in Small Systems

Shi Pu : Chiral Kinetic Theory with Bjorken Expansion

Srimoyee Sen : Chiral Shock Wave


Session 4

Mark Mace : Progress in Understanding Anomaly Induced Transport from Real-time Lattice Simulations

Sho Ozaki : Band Structure of Photons in 'Axion Crystals'

Aldo Cotrone : Theta Angle in Holographic QCD


Day 3


Session 1

Dmitri Kharzeev : What Next - Theoretical Perspective

Yi Yin : Wave Turbulence in Chiral Fluid


Session 2

Francesco Becattini : Some Theoretical and Phenomenological Remarks about Polarization and Vorticity

Takafumi Niida : Global Polarization of Lambda Hyperons in Au+Au Collisions at STAR

Maxim Konyushikhin : Vorticity Studies at ALICE with Lambda Hyperons


Session 3

Andrey Sadofyev : Chirality and Macroscopic Helicities

Hui Li : Study of Lambda Polarization and Vorticity Field with AMPT Model

Matteo Buzzegoli : Non-dissipative Vorticous Hydrodynamic Coefficients For Stress-Energy Tensor and Axial Current


Session 4

LongGang Pang : Identifying QCD Transition Using Deep Learning

Huan Zhong Huang : Experimental Perspective